Well, 2020 was a year wasn’t it?

This year I discovered my love of art. After having been told my countless art teachers at schools that I couldn’t draw, and with a family of professional artists, I never used to draw anything aside from stick people to design my comedy costumes on. But this year, I picked up a pen and decided to put my crap art to good use selling art portrait commissions and also designing lots of fun t-shirts and jumpers for my new all-ages all-genders clothes store. 

So, if you fancy commissioning a portrait for a loved one in my silly little style, or you want to look cool and fashionable in one of my fun clothes designs, then I would simply love that! The clothes images should all take you to their collections in my shop, so if you see one you like – click away! 

Thank you for supporting me during this hellscape of a pandemic by purchasing my art! It really has been a huge lifeline for me while gigs have all been banned!

Loads of love xxx