Tom Shueue discovered his penchant for being in front of a camera during the filming of Orla Nothin’s music video for “The Orla Mash” in October 2020. Since then, he really can’t get enough of being on camera – hosting his very own online review show “Tom Shueue Reviews” where he gives his patented and very honest reviewing of literally anything, appearing in Orla Nothin’s Christmas music video, AND hosting his very own weekly live stream “Guess Who? With Tom Shueue”. Tom has been enjoying his online success by purchasing some more house plants to pop around the lounge and has also invested in a very lovely piece of art of a worm too. Tom gives his appearance on this website a 93%-erect thumbs up. The only thing that could have made his tumb fully erect, would have been being able to tell you all of these things himself in person.

It’s Guess Who? but with Tom Shueue and some very special guests indeed!
Watch Tom WIN like a champ or fail like a fool. Will he make the game last far longer than it normally would? Will he have to play his enemy? Will he give an honest review of each game? Almost definitely.
Tune in to see what new philosophies Tom Shueue might have for us, and to see just how erect his thumb will get.
Guests include Bilal Zafar, Rachel Creeger, Tiny Tim, Rosie Holt, Jim Campbell, Aaron Simmonds, Esther Manito, Oggie, Mark Simmons, AND MORE!!!
Tune in here.