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Katie Pritchard

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Katharine Kerr

Producer, Editor, Partner in crime, Prêt praline biscuit enthusiast

That’s right, we’re making a brand spanking new podcast – The Farce and The Spurious – just for your little ears yes we are!! We’ll have guests on each episode chatting about stuff, we’ll do some jokes as well…maybe, and we’ll even make up some songs, because, why not?! Who knows really? I’ll just stop when producer Katharine tells me to stop and hope for the best. Just be rest assured that it’ll be silly and fun. Do you like the logo? I drew it with some of those watercolour pencil thingies!! ART!

It’s 2018, the year that everyone and their dogs have at least three podcasts each, and Katie Pritchard decides there’s room on iTunes for one more…perhaps foolishly…but she decides it nonetheless. She decides to call it “The Farce and the Spurious”. The show is not about The Fast and the Furious films. A lot of people think this is weird. She can’t afford a designer, so she draws a logo herself using watercolour pencils. Which is cool (?).


Katharine Kerr then pops Katie an email to ask if she had a podcast project that she wanted to record. ZINGER! What a fortunate piece of luck!! And so this pair of pals have set off on an epic, very low budget adventure to create a podcast show that invites their favourite people in the creative and performing arts to come along and have a whip of fun for your ears to enjoy!

So, strap in and enjoy the ride as Katharine tries to prevent Katie from pretending to be a book worm…again, and Katie tries to learn the skill of listening both to her guests and her producer at the same time and make a professional chat show.


We talk about everything from getting into the business of creating “art”, to how to earn money, to why does no-one understand what a performer’s life entails, to how to film a high budget Hollywood movie if you’re a kid, to quizzes, to Baroqueaoke (of course), to when is my Mum going to be proud of me, with fun, giggles, incomprehensible chatter from Katie, amazing answers from all of her guests, Katharine’s double thumbs ups through the studio window, open writing submissions, poems, sketches, plugs, kazoos, and a whole heap more!!



Writer/Creator: Katie Pritchard // Producers: Katharine Kerr // Created For: Podcast Pioneers // Guests: Kat Sadler & Sara Gibbs // Guest Writer: Dierdre "Words" // Release: July 2018


Writer/Creator: Katie Pritchard // Producers: Katharine Kerr // Created For: Podcast Pioneers // Guests: Michael Beddoes, Amy Clarke & Derek Murphy // Guest Writer: Amy Clarke "Drag Qu'" // Release: July 2018


Writer/Creator: Katie Pritchard // Producers: Katharine Kerr // Created For: Podcast Pioneers // Guests: Alison Thea-Skot & Fraser Millward // Guest Writer: Declan Kennedy "Sci Fi Parody" // Released July 2018

Meet The Guests...


Kat Sadler is a stand up comedian, actor and writer. She is also a co-editor of Succubus Magazine. Her stand up comedy has been selected for the BBC New Comedy Award 2017, and she’s been heard on Radio 4 extra. She has performed multiple fringe runs, in both sketch comedy and stand up. She’s written for The Daily Mash, The Mash Report (BBC 2), The F Word and Funny Women. In 2017, Kat wrote and performed in her own pilot, Sad Face, with her writing partner Cameron Loxdale, for indie production house Turtle Canyon Comedy. This was based on her blog, where she discusses her anxiety, depression, lack of a love life and any other pain in her life she can mine for comedy. Kat also illustrates and has produced multiple zines and artwork, including all the animations for Sad Face. Kat has crippling social anxiety which is so bad that she often makes plans just so she can experience the sweet relief of cancelling them.


Sara Gibbs is a graduate of the National Film and Television School’s Writing and Producing Comedy course. She is the co-editor of Succubus Magazine, a UK-based satirical online women’s magazine giving a platform to new comedy talent. Sara Gibbs is a graduate of the National Film and Television School’s Writing and Producing Comedy course. She is the co-editor of Succubus Magazine, a UK-based satirical online women’s magazine giving a platform to new comedy talent, which she runs with fellow co-editor Kat Sadler. Sara writes for web, radio and television, with credits on The Daily Mash, The News Quiz (BBC Radio 4), The Now Show (BBC Radio 4), Dead Ringers (BBC Radio 4) and The Mash Report (BBC2). Sara thinks of her funniest material ten minutes after the moment has passed.


Michael Beddoes is an experienced producer, director and writer, working predominately in the UK and Europe. As a producer, he has created content for leading brands such as Bombay Sapphire, Kellogg's, GiffGaff and Emirates. His short film productions have played a number of Oscar and BAFTA qualifying film festivals and received coveted Vimeo Staff Pick selections. His directing work in both live action and animation, has been broadcast and used online by brands such as Heinz, Skoda and Dunlop. He has also directed narrative projects, most recently short comedy Bungee and political sitcom pilot Snowflakes. He is currently developing coming of age comedy Seaquins, about a wannabe teenage drag queen, alongside commercial projects. Michael has written on commercial, narrative and interactive projects. This year, he worked with The Merlin Group to create an engaging exhibition about bioluminescent creatures for their Busan facility, creating the story outline and working with designers to bring this to life. He was also a member of the writers table for sitcom Snowflakes and wrote comedy short The Date which was recently nominated for Best Short Screenplay at the Southampton International Film Festival.


Amy Clarke is a writer and comedy obsessive living in London. Raised in the south of Ireland she studied performing arts before moving onto the dizzying heights of dog grooming, even working in a luxury pet spa in a central London department store. From these experiences, she decided she wanted to turn them into something more, and applied to do a degree in Creative Writing. She wrote her first feature film for her 3rd year dissertation. A comedy mockumentary about dog groomers working at a high end department store spa for pets. (Write what you know.) She graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Creative Writing from London South Bank University in 2017 Writing has always been a part of Amy’s life since she was a child and she loves telling stories. She’s now studying for an MA in Scriptwriting at Goldsmiths University of London and hopes to move into working fulltime with scripts in the future. CURRENT PROJECTS: She currently has a number of projects at various stages of development, including a rom com short film set in a hospital urology department called Urine Love. A feature film about drag queens called Sequins. Her idea for Sequins was inspired by her fierce enthusiasm for drag queens and the world of drag entertainment. Having lived with drag queens on and off over a number of years, she wanted to write a script about the journey of getting into the business. She is currently developing a proof of concept short film of Sequins to be filmed later this year in Blackpool.


Derek Murphy is an Irish Actor from Cork who has appeared on Stage, Television, Film and Radio. Now based in London. He can currently be heard in ‘Listening Books’ Radio play ‘My Boy Jack’. And is appearing in the Cadburys online Social media campaign with Arron Crascall. He will be appearing in ‘Dial M for Murder’ this Summer with ‘Michael Friend Productions’. Screen credits include films ‘The Date’ (Organised Chaos), ‘Criminal’ (Foliage Films) and ‘Situations Vacant’ (Grand Pictures/Park Films) and on Television ‘We watch, You Watch’(RTE) and ‘Killinaskully’(RTE) and he currently appears in the web Series ‘Negotiations’ (Able Archer) and ‘Snowflakes’. On stage, credits include ‘Major Barbara’ and ‘John Bulls Other Island’ (Michael Friend Productions), ‘Metamorphoses’ (Off The Cliff Theatre Co.), ‘Dracula’ (Jellyfish Theatre Co. Rome) and ‘Woyzeck’ (London Theatre). He will be appearing in the upcoming film production of ‘Seaquins’ (Organised Chaos) and can be heard regularly on his Podcast ‘The Murphitons’ alongside Stephen Cheriton.


Alison Thea-Skot is a critically acclaimed actor, comedian, writer and improviser. Her 5-star character comedy shows Some Like It Thea-Skot and It's Thea-Skot in Here (So Take Off All Your Clothes), had sell out runs at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Both shows transferred to the Soho Theatre in London. Catch her brand new show Thea-Skot Through The Heart And You're To Blame at The Edinburgh Fringe this August. One of The Observers's Female Millennials Changing Comedy Ones to Watch - Funny Women London Is Funny's Top 13 Edinburgh Shows to See She also regularly performs at The Free Association Improv Theatre in London.


Fraser is an actor and writer who has written several well received comedy shows for the Edinburgh Fringe festival. He's written and performed on BBC Three and helped create the British Independent Film Award (BIFA's) nominated film '0507' (Best British Short, 2011) Fraser is currently putting the finishing touches to his first stage play set in a Christmas Grotto which will debut later this year.


I've performed in Edinburgh where Broadway Baby likened me to a 'geography teacher on a field trip'(they also described me as 'mad and good' so all is forgiven. I’ve won audience votes at Quantum Leopard (who flatter me as a ‘rock solid’) and Comedy at the Crown. I've also gigged all around London and slightly beyond. In addition, I’ve been an occasional guest MC, most notably for Comedy at the Yurt in St. Albans. My mouth has been pressed into service on TalkRadio and The Radio Collective. [In a previous life, under a different name, I wrote bits and bobs for Newsjack, The Headset Set, The Treatment and quite a bit for Radio 1’s The Milk Run] there’s also this. I was also privileged enough to be part of 2017’s Towel Day commemoration of Douglas Adams. I’ve shared a stage with Holly Walsh, David Mills, Pippa Evans, Darren Walsh, Amy How-erska, Sarah Callaghan, Stephanie Laing, Paul Duncan McGarrity, Richard Hardisty and Dave Chawner. I’m in a comedy blap, too - If you need someone to say 'Hello Roger', I'm your man: watch and I pop up briefly in Tim Renkow's new BBC pilot, A Brief History of Tim.